Call Control (monitor, whisper, and barge)

Greetings FreePBX community,

I’m using FreePBX / Sangoma Desktop Softphone for agents in my call center. I want to be able to use Call Control features (monitor, whisper, and barge) for agent training. The softphone wiki suggests this is possible, but the options are missing on my PBX. On the User Management → Edit User → Sangoma Talk → Sangoma Phone Desktop Client page, where I can assign queue permissions to users, the “Call Control” option is missing. I only have the “My Status” and “Detailed View” options.

What am I missing? Are there other prerequisites that need to be installed to enable these options? Is this not available yet? The screen shots lower on the wiki page suggest that it is working.

Thank you!

I think what you are looking for is ChanSpy.

@lgaetz didn’t you have a Git repository with a custom version for this? I’ve implemented that in the past and it’s worked great for us.

some time ago the support told me that these functions were not yet active, or at least you could use the functions of freepbx (chanspy…) but the functions to be directly enabled in Sangoma Phone Desktop on the dedicated page in freepbx were not yet present

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Thanks for the info, I wish this was documented on the wiki.

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