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I have a customer that already has 3CX call centre and we are planning to migrate it to FreePBX. Our customer has 3 agents that uses softphones. There is excellent feature in 3CX which we configured to our customer . Whatever the time and the day the caller dial the call centre , The below happen:

  • When there is - at least- one phone online , Welcome message played to the caller of the call center.
  • When all agents are offline , Closed message played.

I tried to configure the above at FreePBX but failed.

Do you have any thoughts ?

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Are you using queues? If so you can config queues to do this based on if the agents are logged out or paused. If not, you could use a method like this: Using Dynamic Routes to branch call flow based on extension state

Hi Lorne
Thx for your replay . I am using queue . I need to do this based on the agents are offline neither logged out nor paused so kindly advice.

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If your agents are not using pause/logout, then you’re going to have to experiment with the queue settings for Join Announcement, Join Empty and Leave Empty to see if some combination of settings will work for you.

Hi Lorne
Thx for trying to help . I tried them previously but nothing work with me.

Any other thoughts to help?

Thanks in advance.

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