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Hello all

I seem to be going round in circles here and driving myself slightly mad trying to achieve correct stats which I figured would be fairly simple.

The simple call flow is over with 1 support 2 admin 3 accounts etc if noone answers go to catch all group everyone (basically overflow group of extensions)

I started with ring groups which worked really well in principal using ringall strategy then to second ring group if call not answered.

Then I hit issues trying to produce any useful reports from cdr as calls show it called every extension therefore reporting shows duplicate entries and inaccurate number for amount of calls received. (Happy to provide more info on this If anyone can solve this if anyone has any ideas)

I then started to explore the use of Queues and moved to using Asternic queue reporting. I quickly found issues here with the catch all overflow group as it would only report on the final queue it hit not where it came from. I had to use a little imagination here and created a missed call queue for every equivalent main queue with fsilover to here then voicemail. so now I can track in the report which queue it came from.

This although a little convoluted worked s treat until yesterday I had reports of calls ringing out. This turned out to be because noone was logged into their phone. I think the answer to this is setting strict rule on no queue join which forces to voicemail if users unavailable. The issue here is it then bypasses any queue and therefore doesn’t show on any report.

Someone please help me stop the madness and bring some sanity :slight_smile:

This was changed in Asterisk 11 by design, as it more accurately reflects how the system works.

What do you want the system to do in this case? If it isn’t working the way you want it to work, telling the rest of the user community (the devs don’t live here, just a few Sangoma volunteers) to “fix” a problem we (the rest of the user community) don’t seem to have isn’t going to get you where you want to go.

Be specific, use examples, tell us what you want to happen so we can help you brainstorm a workable solution that you can then take to a “Feature Request” ticket.

Cheers Dave. Is there any way of doing anything with the cdr report with ring groups I totally 7nderstand it gives a better detailed true reflection of the call flow but is a nightmare for reporting - so in our situation I had ring group going to another ring group if missed worked fine but I want to report on how many calls answered or unanswered and where they were unanswered. So an example would be if I have 2 ring groups with 5 people in each if the call goes to ring group 1 noone answers so fails over to ring group 2 and doesn’t get answered my report shows 10 calls. Alternatively if its answered by someone in ring group 2 after ring group one the report shows 9 unanswered and 1 answered call or missed in both queues. So basically I end up with an export with loads of duplicate data ( I know its correct as of the call flow) but too much for a simple report.

Yes I found the strict rule and yes the problem is it bypasses the reporting again I can see the logic here but no good for reporting missed calls.

What I had hoped was if the call entered the queue and noone was logged in I could somehow get it to fail over to voicemail and still be captured somewhere on the report.

The point of the strict rule is that the queue is never entered if there are no agents in the queue.

There are work-arounds, though. One way would be to set up a static user with a virtual extension that eventually rings to voicemail, or to an unregistered extension that drops to voicemail. If you do that, I believe (without testing) that the call will drop into the queue and will ring phones if your dynamic agents are in the queue, but will catch the “dead” extension and drop to VM immediately.

There should also be a way to set up a miscellaneous destination that “pings” something so your report can account for the call dropping through the queue and immediately into voicemail.

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Thanks Dave you triggererd a thought that may just solve my problem simple fix. If I just leave a dedicated extension logged in and have that extension a member of all queues this should pass it through the queues. Simple but just tested s d it is effective thank you.

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