Call Centre Hot Desking

I’m trying to understand the best way to set up my call centre in the move over to FreePBX/PBXAct and have come up against Device & User Mode vs Extension Mode. The former is not supported but does allow an extension to exist wherever a user logs in and that would allow the user to be automatically logged into their queues. To my mind, this is exactly what I want by the term Hot Desking.

Extension mode seems to be completely opposite to what a call centre needs so how have other people handled this? Are there commercial modules that simply resolve this issue or is there some configuration I’m not seeing?

I have a test box of FreePBX that I’m playing around with and going through the Sangoma PBXAct essentials videos but nothing I’ve seen there or in the wiki/forum makes a clear suggestion of what a call centre should do to handle hot desking and queues.

Device and user mode is completely supported by the system. It is not supported by a lot of the modules that make your life easier as an administrator.

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Yes. The Login Phone App resolves this issue for the phone models that it supports:

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