Call Center Solution

Hi All,
Im looking for call center solution like CRM we are hospital we have our scheduling department receiving calls every day i want to have a software to pop up in screen when reciving calls so agent can take notes. Next time when calles notes to pop up from previous call.

Thank you.

Hi Tony,

There’s already a commercial CRM module which works with the popular CRM solutions, I believe you can also integrate it with any CRM.

See here:

Also, there’s a bunch of commercial modules which might be very useful for your org, such as, appointment reminders, class of service, pin sets etc.

See a list here:

I suggest you contacting sales and discuss with them all your requirements.

Hi Itzek,
I have every single commercial module I just dont know if i have to use any of those CRM like zoho or freepbx have its own interface and how do i get to it thank you

See documentation:

Vici Dial is another Asterisk platform that comes with popup/DB functionality. I wouldn’t call it a CRM, but it would let you pop agents and let them input data.

I’ve never tried this, but was going to test at some point.

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