Call Center/ Queues Module CID?

I’m using an IVR which calls up a tech support call center using the Queues module. Is there a way of setting the caller ID that the customer sees to “Tech Support”. Currently it shows the Caller ID of the first available Static Agent.

In Inbound Route => CID name prefix

Let me explain it better: I have a catch-all inbound route that sends calls to the IVR. To get to the Tech Support call center, you select #1 - Customer Support option then option #2 - Tech Support puts you into the Call Center queue. At this point, I’m wondering how to change the CID to Tech Support or something else besides the CSR caller ID?

Changing the inbound route CID would change everyone calling into the IVR to Tech Support. Could change it to the company name instead - that might be an option.

Go to:
Application=>Queues=> Select Queue Example:300 Option:CID Name Prefix= Tech Support
Application=>Queues=> Select Queue Example:301 Option:CID Name Prefix= Customer Support

That will provide a CID prefix for the Queue to the Customer Service Rep (CSR) not back to the calling customer. So you can have multiple Queues and idientify the queue to the CSR.

I test by dialing 7777 into the IVR then select the Queue. On the 7777 test phone, the display shows CID of the first available CSR, that’s what I would like to change.

There’s no option for changing the CID of the inbound route like we can do with an outbound route.