Call Center Call Loop

Freepbx Version: 10.13.66-1.
Asterisk Version: 11.23.1.
Issue: When i see the dashboard i see 700 Calls at same time.
Section: Call Center Queue.
Problem: PBX Stop Working
Temp Solution: core restart now

1 - Test delete and recreate the Queue and the same error.
2 - Verify extension loop(dialplan is ok) no loop detect.

1 - Upgrade PBX?
2 - Report as bug?
3 - Disable Queue?
4 - Wait for support on the forum?

Posting up the queue settings you are using and other pertinent information would be a good start. Without any details, nobody will be able to help narrow down the cause.

ok, note i am doing the dialplan queue from the web admin
next the dialplan queue:

include => ext-queues-custom
exten => 9700,1,Macro(user-callerid,)
exten => 9700,n,Answer
exten => 9700,n,Macro(blkvm-set,reset)
exten => 9700,n,ExecIf($["${REGEX("(M[(]auto-blkvm[)])" ${DIAL_OPTIONS})}" != "1"]?        Set(_DIAL_OPTIONS=${DIAL_OPTIONS}M(auto-blkvm)))
exten => 9700,n,Set(__NODEST=${EXTEN})
exten => 9700,n,Set(QCIDPP=${IF($[${LEN(${VQ_CIDPP})}>0]?${VQ_CIDPP}: )})
exten => 9700,n,Set(VQ_CIDPP=)
exten => 9700,n,ExecIf($["${QCIDPP}"!=""]?Macro(prepend-cid,${QCIDPP}))
exten  => 9700,n,Set(QAINFO=${IF($[${LEN(${VQ_AINFO})}>0]?${VQ_AINFO}: )})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(VQ_AINFO=)
exten  => 9700,n,ExecIf($["${QAINFO}"!=""]?Set(__ALERT_INFO=${QAINFO}))
exten  => 9700,n,Set(QJOINMSG=${IF($[${LEN(${VQ_JOINMSG})}>0]?${IF($["${VQ_JOINMSG}"!="0"]?${VQ_JOINMSG}: )}: )})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(VQ_JOINMSG=)
exten  => 9700,n,Set(QRETRY=${IF($[${LEN(${VQ_RETRY})}>0]?${VQ_RETRY}: )})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(VQ_RETRY=)
exten  => 9700,n(qoptions),Set(QOPTIONS=${IF($[${LEN(${VQ_OPTIONS})}>0]?${VQ_OPTIONS}:t)}${QCANCELMISSED}${QRINGOPTS}${QRETRY})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(VQ_OPTIONS=)
exten  => 9700,n(qgosub),Set(QGOSUB=${IF($[${LEN(${VQ_GOSUB})}>0]?${VQ_GOSUB}:${QGOSUB})})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(VQ_GOSUB=)
exten  => 9700,n(qagi),Set(QAGI=${IF($[${LEN(${VQ_AGI})}>0]?${VQ_AGI}:${QAGI})})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(VQ_AGI=)
exten  => 9700,n(qrule),Set(QRULE=${IF($[${LEN(${VQ_RULE})}>0]?${IF($["${VQ_RULE}"!="0"]?${VQ_RULE}: )}:${QRULE})})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(VQ_RULE=)
exten  => 9700,n(qposition),Set(QPOSITION=${IF($[${LEN(${VQ_POSITION})}>0]?${VQ_POSITION}:${QPOSITION})})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(VQ_POSITION=)
exten  => 9700,n,Gosub(sub-record-check,s,1(q,9700,dontcare))
exten  => 9700,n,ExecIf($["${QJOINMSG}"!=""]?Playback(${QJOINMSG}, ))
exten  => 9700,n,QueueLog(9700,${UNIQUEID},NONE,DID,${FROM_DID})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(QAANNOUNCE=${IF($[${LEN(${VQ_AANNOUNCE})}>0]?${IF($["${VQ_AANNOUNCE}"!="0"]?${VQ_AANNOUNCE}: )}: )})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(VQ_AANNOUNCE=)
exten  => 9700,n,Set(QMOH=${IF($["${VQ_MOH}"!=""]?${VQ_MOH}: )})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(VQ_MOH=)
exten  => 9700,n,ExecIf($["${QMOH}"!=""]?Set(__MOHCLASS=${QMOH}))
exten  => 9700,n,ExecIf($["${MOHCLASS}"!=""]?Set(CHANNEL(musicclass)=${MOHCLASS}))
exten  => 9700,n,Set(QMAXWAIT=${IF($[${LEN(${VQ_MAXWAIT})}>0]?${VQ_MAXWAIT}: )})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(VQ_MAXWAIT=)
exten  => 9700,n,Set(QUEUENUM=9700)
exten  => 9700,n,Set(QUEUEJOINTIME=${EPOCH})
exten  => 9700,n(qcall),Queue(9700,${QOPTIONS},,${QAANNOUNCE},${QMAXWAIT},${QAGI},${QMACRO},${QGOSUB},${QRULE},${QPOSITION})
exten  => 9700,n,Macro(blkvm-clr,)
exten  => 9700,n,Gosub(sub-record-cancel,s,1())
exten  => 9700,n,Set(__NODEST=)
exten  => 9700,n,Set(_QUEUE_PRIO=0)
exten  => 9700,n,Set(QDEST=${VQ_DEST})
exten  => 9700,n,Set(VQ_DEST=)
exten  => 9700,n(gotodest),GotoIf($["${QDEST}"=""]?ext-queues,9700,1:${CUT(QDEST,^,1)},${CUT(QDEST,^,2)},${CUT(QDEST,^,3)})

Hi, Some body fron the Staff?

Hi, still waiting for support, i have to restart the core for solve this issue

This isn’t the help desk - this is a user forum. Did you ever put in a support ticket? Most of us are just users and, unless one of us has seen this specific problem, it’s not likely we are going to be able to help you.

I know it is not a helpdesk, so users and so log in here Open a conversation to see if any user with this problem responds, it is also important to be educated :slight_smile: