Call answered right as voicemail picks up gets dead connection

I’ve been running the FreePBX Distro ( Asterisk for about 5 weeks now. When calls come into my DID, it goes to a Ring Group that rings 5 phones. If nobody answers in 20 seconds, it goes to a voicemail.

I’ve noticed, on several occasions, I’ll go to answer a call and there will be nobody there. Asterisk will keep the connection to the particular phone open and the time will continue counting. I’ll say “hello, hello” but nobody responds. When I hang up, I see that I have a voicemail message. When I call the person back, they say that they called and got voicemail (didn’t hear me saying hello).

When I check the asterisk logs, everything looks normal. The log shows a bunch of

SIP/xx is ringing.

and then 20 seconds later “nobody picked up in 20000 ms”

However, between the “ringing” and “nobody picked up,” I see one log entry of interest:

SIP/xx … connected line has changed. Saving it until answer for SIP/trunk name

This entry bears a time stamp at is the same as the timestamp for the “is ringing” entries (and not the timestamp for the nobody picked up entry). The /xx refers to the extension that I answered on.

Obviously, it isn’t terribly common to answer a call right when the call terminates to voicemail, so I can’t reporduce this on command.

Can anyone comment on this issue? Is this a known issue in Asterisk/FreePBX? What does this particular log entry mean? Anyone?


I’ve been having the same thing happening finally went through the logs and found the same connected line has changed. Saving it until answer for… lines.

Guessing it’s connected to having a ring group with 7 people in it.