Call accounting system that imports CDR records

Looking for a billing system that imports CDR records from providers and import to a database. Then run reports with DID and IP Source filters to support many customers using the same data.

inbound filters with DID so each customer has a DID table.
Outbound filter using the source IP address to tag the customer.

Anyone with some options?

Nothing really out there exists for this, as far as I know. You would have to write your own to deal with your providers CDRs and then compare them to Asterisk CDRs.

I just didn’t want to invest in writing software that someone else has perfected.

I’m checking out but I can’t make it work
I just started looking at

Any users of them, here?

IIRC @cynjut mentioned here about a Quickbooks plugin, might be he’ll be able to help… But I think it’s a custom one.

So far is the winner.
This software is good for CDR billing, but now I want something that will work for DID’s too.

So I’m looking at ASTPP

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