Call Accounting Module

So what is the point of this module? I just happened to discover it today when I was messing with updates on a system. I see that this is a commercial module and it seems to be at least 4-6 months old as one of the recent changes to it was related to a ticket from Feb 2019.

The reason I ask what is the point of this module is mainly due to the fact that there is zero documentation anywhere for it. There is also the fact that there is no way to actual license or purchase said module from the store.

To recap, it appears there is a commercial module available for people to install but no one can license it because there’s actually no way to pay for it or even know how much it costs and the terms because no product exists in the Sangoma Store for it. Even it if it did, there is no documentation to explain what this module does.

So why does it exist?

Apparently there is:

Good call. I was blindly looking for the name of the module and not something that was prefixed with a different name.

Oh wow, this looks a lot like that old FBilling module that was floating around years back.

This was written from scratch

OK, I didn’t say it wasn’t. I said it looks a lot like that other module based on the concepts and logic I saw in the docs (once I found them thanks PitzKey!). So this isn’t a new concept or logic that is being introduced, FBilling was the only module I’ve seen in the past for FreePBX to do this. So yeah, I compared because same logic and concepts were used roughly.

That being said, I tried FBilling about 5 years ago. It’s usability was questionable and it did have some gaps in logic. I can already say that I prefer the look of this module vs that one already.

Just be glad I didn’t say it looked a lot like A2Billing :slight_smile:

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