Call Accounting Module FreePBX

Hi all, I have installed and set a Rate Deck with a few rates in the Call Accounting Module also added the schedule for forever. I cannot find any help on how to view a report with costs ? can anyone point me in the right direction please. When I click to create reports they have no cost. running FreePBX

my aim is to view and eventually email out costs to users.
any help would be great thanks

Hi @loganm2 Make sure you have assigned the rate deck to the user/trunk to initiate billing. For more details, please refer to the wiki link below.

Hi thanks for the reply, I have added it to myself and a few users for testing and set the only testing truck we have. thanks for the link, it does not show or give anything away to where we would view the costs. Strange that there is no page with help for this module other than the one you sent in the link above.

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