Call Accounting Ideas?

Hi All,

I’ve used this forum quite often to answer questions I have and am finally posting one of my own…

I am looking for a call accounting add-on for FreePBX that I can use to daily check inbound/outbound calls and avg call duration… Call recording would be an added benefit if it was tied into this add on somehow.

I’ve spent the better part of my day searching and I think I’m just having an idiot day (too much High Fructose Corn Syrup).

Any advice any of you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.



Not sure if you mean accounting=financial?
Two possibles:
Crystal recording interface, you can see some screen shots here:
site is here:

Thinking this might be more like what you want, a 3rd party FreePBX module, Call statistics that will calculate concurrent calls and other details.

Hmm, would really like to know what the community is using and working on. I’ve used so far CallAccounting Mate, it is powerful, comprehensive but it would blow your brain off to use its interface. It’s too complex and with every different asterisk versions new drivers need to be written etc and its a pain in the ass to do any sort of customization.

Would love to hear comments from other team members on what you use and what is simple and simply working

Asternic CDR module does everything you are asking for and it is free!

Thanks for the prompt responses!