Calendar - repeat monthly - repeat on day of the week

How is this supposed to work?

If the initial event is on the first Monday of the month, will all subsequent events be on the first Monday?

That is what it implies to me, but the wiki doens’t mention anything about it.

Similar question for Weekly, though more obvious, IMO.

With weekly, I would assume, it will simply always repeat this event every Tuesday. No matter what the original day of the week was.

I just tested this. It does not matter which one I choose, it is always repeating the event on the Day of the Month.
April 25th, May 25th, etc.

This one works for me. I have an event for each day of the week with different timing, it repeats weekly. Works great.

Sorry, was not clear in the OP/reply. Yeah, weekly works perfectly for me as well.

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Monthly Reoccuring on Day of the week does not work. It instead works like Day of the month.

Day of the month works fine.

Resolved in
calendar v14.0.3.2
calendar v15.0.4.10

The reported issues work well.

More testing now, reveals Memorial Day cannot be setup because it runs on the Last Monday of May.

The RRule tool has an option for that, but it is not in the Calendar GUI.

The way this used to work was you picked the day of the week and the date range, so (for example) Memorial Day was the Monday from the 25th to 31st.

That is not how the Calendar module has worked in any recent version.

Well for more advanced scenarios you should probably try to use ical format since you can type out what you want manually as I can’t think how I’d display negative values for BYDAY in the calendar right now.

And that is because in the past calendar module would write out a database entry for every event. Now it always parses the ical file on the fly. Which means one can go modify the ical entry in the database to also do the same thing.

I’m not you but typically if I were going to add entries like memorial day it sounds like you are setting up a holiday calendar, so why do all of that work? There are free ical examples online of US holidays and you can just use those in FreePBX calendar instead.

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The issue with using public calendars that I have is decently straightforward. Will it always exist? Will it always have only the holidays I want?

Edit: back before FreePBX was so easy to upgrade versions, I did not care about things like this because I never simply upgraded. It was always a build new and reconfigure scenario. Of course calendar is decently new functionality too.

I only attempted this because it is the next holiday and was an easy test.

Did the updated module include all of the logic that RRULE uses? Because I can see setting “last” as simply another element to select there after the current by day of month.

True I mean, you could just self host the ical file on your own PBX and then just manually modify the ical file to do what you want. The calendar module would also show it correctly :wink:

The issues you are running into is the GUI => ical generator

the ical => gui part works pretty well (this is why ical is read only in the GUI) :smiley:

How would you word that? “last day of month”? I guess? But you could also do BYDAY=-2MO which would be two Mondays from the end. I guess you need a reverse button?

The library that parses RRULE does a pretty good job it probably supports negatives there. The generator does too but its all about how to display that in a way that makes sense to a user to generate it out. I guess the only way I see it working is somehow declaring “reverse” something like that

The generator you linked in the ticket only shows the drop down for first-fourth and then last. For the yearly. I would need to play with the monthly choices again.

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