Calendar Module, Wrong CalDAV Entries


We use the GroupWare Kopano which provides a their internal Calendar over CalDAV Calls. I can Display this CalDAV Calendar correctly under Thunderbird or KOrganizer. Their is a Calendar for Opening Hours on which the FreePBX should route the Phones to the Office Phones and when the Shop is not Open it should route the voicemail. (Their is also another calendar for business holidays)

This works basically, but now on this saturday someone called around 08:50 in the morning and received the voicemail instead routed to the office since their is a calender entry which says the shop is open on 08:00. When i look into the calender source their is an repeat-entry for saturday on which the shop shoul’d be open from 08:00 to 18:00.

But when i look into the Calender View all entries are displayed one hour into the wrong time, all about one hour. On both sides the Timezone ist the same (Europe/Zurich) but why do FreePBX do read this wrong? I cannot change the timezone of the freepbx because this will occur other problems also the timezone to change on Kopano is not an option.


Ok, the problem now occurs not only on remote calender, also on local time groups.

example timegroup today from 13:30 to 17:00 o’clock gives me on 14:00 o’clock the voicemail message that the office is not open, and the caller shoul’d call on 13:30 again.

In the Admin Panel the servertime is the current time, also per ssh the time is the current time 14:25 o’clock.

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