Calendar integration to Call Flow

I have a customer that is a very busy Dr office. They have 10 Drs and soon it will be 12. We are using a combination of Time Conditions/ Groups and Call Flow Controls to move calls around the office. They have outgrown the Call Flow Controls. They have a rotating calendar for the Drs in that there are only 7 Drs in the office at any given time. They use the system in Device and User Mode so that users can move to different areas during the week. Is there a way to a. import a CSV file to change the Time Conditions / Groups or a Calendar GUI that we can setup on the system that will use AMI to change the call patterns of the Dr calls?

There is not at this time. This is the plan for freepbx 14

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Thanks Andrew,

You guys are always just ahead of me! :slight_smile: