Calendar Groups matching by event name


I was looking to use Calendar applications to ease configuring holidays for different countries.After some searching and testing it looks like the best thing would be to use linking the calendar to Google Calendar - as the easiest thing to manage on day to day basis.
However it looks like Google Calendar does not support categories, so it is not possible to use Calendar Event Groups to utilize different time settings within a single Google Calendar. I would need to create a separate calendar for every language which is a kind of hassle.
Using Local Calendar instead would probably overcome this problem, but the Gogole Calendar is a kind of standard nowadays.
So I was thinking that maybe there’s other way to match events by event name. I found FREEPBX-17313 which is exactly was I looking for but it ended up with a feature of selecting categories - which is not supported in Google Calendar.
Is there any other way I’m not aware of?

let me elaborate what I have in mind regarding conditions for call flow.
Using a single calendar, by putting events named like “HL1_Holiday”, “HL2_OpenTill14”, “HL3_ClosedTechnical”, etc. I would be able to design the tree to match those events and branch my flow to include different announcements.
Keeping in mind that the receptionist can sometimes make some mistakes while typing, matching it using regex would be perfect as the conditioning logic could just look for key elements of the event name.


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