Calendar Event Group - categories not restricting events shown

Calendar troubleshooting day!!!

So I have a calendar set up with holidays tagged with categories, and a business hours event with another category.

I would assume that it should not show at all when I specifically select only certain categories that does not include that category, but it does.

I did not select mf85

Yet they show up.

Event with mf85

Event without

Looks to be just a display issue. Fixed in calendar version

2 for 3 on my calendar questions today

bah! what else changed? I went to upgrade to edge just now to check this and it failed because it wants framework 14.0.12. I checked and it is now calendar 14.0.3.

Jared. Look at the change log.

Well yeah, mostly annoyed that I had to fix the failed update to edge.

I’ll update again tonight or tomorrow and test this out. Thanks for fixing it.

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