Calendar bug with time change?

I received a bunch of calls yesterday from clients saying that calls weren’t routing properly or that their customers were getting the “Sorry we’re closed” announcement.

Looking at the systems it appears that any that had calendar based routing the calendar entry for just yesterday was erased.

I suspect some kind of bug with the daylight savings but I would have expected that to show up on Sunday, not yesterday. What’s interesting is all these entries were “recurring” entries and not single day but only yesterday was deleted.

All affected systems were FreePBX Distro

It is a bug that makes all weekly reocurring events to lose the Monday out of them. Since the bug is in a 3rd party library, FreePBX guys say they can’t do anything. I created a bug report asking to use a different 3d party library because the current one is so broken, but it is still open and unresolved.

Similar issue here. I’m running a school bell schedule out of Calendar & PagingPro module which didn’t work Monday after the clock change but now Tuesday morning it’s working.

what causes the bug to appear? never seemed to do it before and future monday’s seem fine?

A missing parameter on a function of the 3rd party library icalparser.

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