Calendar and Recurring Events

Hi Guys,

I have run into an strange issue with the Calendar module for Freepbx. When I try to setup a recurring event for examples repeats every 6 weeks on a Monday the auto fill seams to populate the consecutive Monday’s and not the ones that it should. I have been able to replicate this issue on two different FreePBX Systems. Does anyone know how to fix this or this is this a current known issue?

If not I will report it as a bug.


Can you please share a screenshot of how you have configured the calendar schedule?


Apologies, below you can find a screen shot of the event I am creating.

Below you can see what it actually inserts.

It then adds loads in May which is strange.


You have to deselect “Repeat On: Monday” from the event otherwise it will recur every Monday. When you have your current settings but no days of the week selected it will then recur once every 6 weeks.

Ah ha… that makes sense now. I will try this tomorrow:)

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