Calendar All Day Events Not Syncing Corrrectly?

Single hour or multiple hour events seem to be working but if I put in a 2d event in my google calendar - say Dec 22-23 when the FreePBX calendar syncs it displays Dec 21-23. I was thinking it was a cosmetic issue and it was correct on the back end but when I implement the calendar into a TC it sees today the 21st as a match even though in the google calendar it is not there.

This is fixed in the latest calendar

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Excellent! I’m assuming it is in edge mode currently? of calendar (99128). It is 36 days old

Hmmm. On my systems (checked 2) they are sitting at and when I check online it returns no new module available.

You are on PBXact then. You can not get this update. Sorry.

We are an OEM branded partner but I don’t believe we are using PBXact. Just the standard FreePBX distro. Although at times I do see modules from PBXact drift over to our OEM brand like Restart Setup Wizard shows up in our Admin options.

What OEM are you as that would indicate you are setup as PBXact OEM and updates for PBXact come out much slower to help reduce new bugs being added.

NimbusVoice. Todd Bryant is our rep if that helps.

This module is in edge for your Distro. I just checked.

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Thank you!

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