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i have synced my Freepbx Calender to my Exchange Calendar. But when I add something and tick the “Full Days” Option it shows in the Freepbx Calendar 1 day before.
It seems thats already a known issue since years. But hasnt been solved ye, is there any fix?


No update for that issue?
Because its very annoying

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I’m not part of the FreePBX team, but the linked issue was closed. If there’s an issue then you’d need to open a new one.

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What timezone are you in and at what time of day did you try to do this? Does the result differ depending on whether you do it before or after midnight UTC?

The original report was closed because the tester was unable to reproduce the fault. Whilst I don’t know whether any part of this particular operation is done in UTC, evaluating the day in a different timezone seems a likely failure mode for something trying to work out the day containing a particular time, and it is possible that the developer tested at a time of day when this didn’t cause a problem, for his timezone.


My timezone is set to
Europe/Berlin – CEST

But the problem occurs the whole day before a event in a calendar (only events which are marked as “full day”)

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