Cahnnel language on feature codes

Dear folks,

I have a rather quick question about the user’s channel language.
Say User/Extension 100 has the channel language set to “es” rather than blank or “en”.

On some feature codes, such as in the recording module or voicemail, the channel language is actually honored when 100 calls the feature code.
But for example when dialing a time condition feature code or the speaking clock, the channel language is set to “en” no matter what has been defined for the extension.

Is this by design or am I doing something wrong?

If there is a matching “es” for example in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ then that directory structure will be used instead if a file is asked for and exists, if not the default route language found at /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/ will be

as an example ascii42.gsm will play to suit one of


you might need the appropriate extra-sounds in language files from digium

and anything in custom needs also rerecording in es/custom, fr/custom etc.

The particular sounds exist, but are not played.
In the debug log, it also states language=‘en’ whereas it would still show the channel language on missing sounds (language=‘es’, but the sound would fall back to en.

It seems as though the channel language isn’t set…

Sorry, I can’t help further, it has always worked for me.

I’m sure you have already checked permissions and ownership.

Yes, permissions are good.
I’ll research some further and see if something stands out…

Have you fixed your issue with language, can you share it plz ?