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C++/DSSDK: DivaReceiveFaxToMemory starts disconnect with DisconnectReason 0x18 "File Access" immediatelly

(Juergen Hammelmann) #1

Initially I was able to receive faxes with commands DivaReceiveFaxToMemory and DivaReadFaxData at events DivaEventFaxPageReceived and DivaEventFaxReceived. After some updates of system to OpenSUSE Leap 15 (64bit), kernel 4.4.159-73-default and dssdk-runtime >= 115.117 I am not able to receive faxes anymore. After successful execution of command DivaReceiveFaxToMemory the call will be disconnected with disconnect reason 0x18 “File Access”. The events DivaEventFaxPageReceived or DivaEventFaxReceived don’t occur. Trace logs don’t help me…
The command DivaReceiveFax to get faxes to filesystem runs fine. But We want to get the data in memory to save them immediatelly to database…

This seams to be a bug in newer dssdk?!

Best regards, Jürgen

(Tony Lewis) #2

These forums are for FreePBX only. You are looking for advice on a Dialogic card. You would need to work with support and have a support contract in place for your Diva card.

(Juergen Hammelmann) #3

Ok, Thank you for your advice. There should be a forum for dialogic cards again…