Bypass outgoing message key?

I need to play a long greeting on my mailbox. I need some way to say, at the beginning of the greeting: If you want to simply leave a message, press the XXXX key now. Otherwise, blah blah blah…"

I have tried every key I can think of, but cannot figure out what the XXXX key should be. Is there some way to configure the system so that pressing a key during the greeting takes the caller directly to the mailbox, so they can skip listening to the greeting and just leave a message? Thanks! – Ken

Clearly, I’m an idiot today. I’m SURE I tried it previously, but clearly, pressing # bypasses the greeting and takes you right to the mailbox. So, please disregard this question. I feel stooopid. - Ken

Its ok to feel stupid. At least it aint the only me feeling stupid for the questions i ask. Guys here are great and no matter how stupid the question is… someone always helps and guess what, I just learnt pressing # skips the prompt. lol