Bye Signal In/Outbound calls from specific number

My company uses freepbx and when we try to call a specific number, it rings a few times and then we get a busy signal and any of our Mitel 5330/5320 Phones display “denied” on them.
AT&T’s network traces show a BYE coming from our end, regardless if it’s an inbound or outbound call.
Am I overlooking a setting, or something? Where should I look for or what should I change on our system?
Any help would be appreciated. If any further info is needed, let me know.

I’d start with logs -

After that, SIP DEBUG or PJSIP Logging would be next (to watch the actual SIP conversation).

No, logs / /debugs from the PBX. All these logs show is support for their claims. Your PBX is sending the BYE immediately after any call connects. You need to see why.

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