Bye signal from one number

We use freepbx and when we try to call a specific number, it rings a few times and then we get a busy signal and any of our Mitel 5330/5320 Phones display “denied” on them.
AT&T’s network traces show a BYE coming from our end and not the other number’s, regardless if it’s an inbound or outbound call. The number is not in our blacklist.
Am I overlooking a setting, or something? Where should I look for or what should I change on our system?

I am unable to access our logs, but if there is any way someone could point me in the direction of some settings to check, I would appreciate it.

That sounds like a far more serious problem than not being able to call one number. Fix that first!

Can you get to the FreePBX admin GUI? If not, what happens when you try? If yes, what do you see when visiting Reports -> Asterisk Logfiles?

Can you get to a root shell prompt (via SSH or physical access to the machine)? If not, what happens when you try? If shell access is ok:

Does the file /var/log/asterisk/full exist? Get updated when you make a call? Have valid contents?

Can you connect to the Asterisk console?
asterisk -r
If not, post any errors that are displayed.

On inbound, what do they hear / see? What if anything happens on your system?

Possibly, your number is in their blacklist. Do all calls made from your system show the same caller ID? If not, try calling the problematic number with a different caller ID.

Are CDRs working on your system? If so, what (if anything) appears for your outbound calls to the problematic number? For calls they place to you?

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