Buying a Cisco SPA525-G2 to use on Wifi

I am new to the world of FreePBX, so I am doing some research and bought a Cisco SPA525-G2 because of it’s wifi compatibility. Is it possible to use this phone using FreePBX over WiFi? It would be connecting to a server that isn’t on my network, outside my home. Also I can not port forward anything on my network due to ISP limitations, would that be a problem connecting to that outside FreePBX server?

That would be a question for the administrator of that FreePBX server you are trying to connect to I think.

If you can’t, even in theory, because the ISP is using CGNAT or 464xlat (typical of satellite and 4G/5G connections), you may have other issues – check with the PBX provider.

However, if your service provides a public IPv4 but the ISP disallows forwarding just to be mean, you shouldn’t have any trouble because port forwarding is generally not required on the client end.

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