Busy tone outgoing calls with Grandstream FXS port

Hello Team,

I am kinda of a newbie with Freepbx and Asterisk, so far everything has been working fine, except from 1 extension that I cannot make outboud calls.

This extension es tied to my Grandstream ATA FXS port, that port is registered correctly, I can receive calls but if I try to make a call Internal/external I get a busy tone.

I used to ssh to my freepbx box and do: asterisk -vvvvv and that helped me to figure out what the problems were but it is not working anymore.

I am using:
FreePBX and Asterisk 16.11.1

So I don’t know how to access the data that asterisk -vvvv used to provide so I can share it with you all.

Some help would be great.



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