Busy Signal on inbound calls

HI there.
I’m boggling my mind here…
I’ve read some posts and played with the settings
i downloaded the sipstation module and configured my trunks through the sipstation.

i can dial out without any issues, however when i dial my did number it doesn’t ring, it always gives a slow busy signal?

It says called failed, busy here when calling from another voip line i have using a sip softphone.

everything is setup exactly as described and the setup with sipstation is rather dummyproof.

any suggestions?
thank you

I am having the same problem here.

  1. Bought 2 SIP Trunks from SipStation 2 DID numbers
  2. Install FreePBX, run all upgrades,
  3. Use SIPSTATION modules to configure trunks
  4. create extension and dial out… works.
  5. try call in to the DID, busy.
  6. remove cid from inbound route and call other DID busy.

Sounds like we are both having the same incoming issue.