Busy signal for random Phone Numbers, WHY?

I have an issue that I’m trying to figure out. If I use my 800 number as the caller ID on our phone then some random phone numbers give us busy signals or a message that says the call can’t go through. If I take that 800 number off the outbound CID the call goes through with no issues. When I opened a ticket with Les.net they basically said to change the outbound CID for a toll free number to a non-toll free and re test. Taking off the toll free 800 number as mentioned above and it works. The last message on the tickets said that “The 2080 carrier that the call is going out is our carrier of last resort, as destinations that appear as 2080 have the highest cost of termination.” What are they trying to tell me or does anyone have a thought as to what I can do if anything in the FreePBX system to get these numbers to go through without issue ? Any help is greatly appreciated.

For more than 10 years I have been sending every inbound call with toll free CID direct to voicemail. In all those hundreds (thousands?) of calls, I only recall one legit caller, the rest were unsolicited spam. In NANP land toll free CID = junk.


I terminate 800 numbers with the “your call cannot be completed as dialed boop-boop-boop” hangup code.

Sorry but I’m a rookie at this phone stuff, so it sounds like on the other end it’s terminating 800 numbers as “your call cannot be completed as dialed hang up code”. Is there a way to combat this on my side? (most likely a really stupid question) we are only calling leads we receive after they fill out our questionnaire and authorized to be contacted. So literally is my only way to combat this to make the CID something other than the toll free CID ? Again I really appreciate you taking the time to respond earlier.

I work with a telemarketing company that calls people back after they request them to call. These are people that asked us to call them, so you’d expect us to get good numbers.

We get 2% fails on numbers people asked us to call (bad numbers) with a NANP number (402nxxxxxx), but we get about 30% fails with our toll-free number as our caller ID.

In a “sauce for the goose…” move, we set up our incoming PBX to deliberately terminate almost all toll-free calls with a ‘zapateller’ sequence (we white list a couple).

There are very FCC strict rules on the use of Toll-Free Numbers, If it is a “REAL” Toll-Free Number you are calling, then all your attempts to mask your true CID will be rejected, FYI ANI and CID are not necessarily the same

Many businesses legitimately use Toll-Free CID on calls, banks insurance companies etc. however if your outbound CID does not match your ANI as far as the Owner of the Toll-Free number (they can actually see both, the CID is your choice the ANI comes from your VSP) , then they might well reject your call, spoofing goes both ways but well done ANI is subject to FCC supervision.

There is a caveate , many of the toll-free numbers you buy from voip providers might well ignore the rules :wink: , if you can identify such, then the bit-bucket is more than appropriate :slight_smile:

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