Busy Lamp Field Howto

Noob here trying to get busy lamp field to work. Using Freepbx
Does blf feature require end point manager.
If not, what are the steps needed to activate blf in the freepbx gui. Looking at Feature Codes I see nothing related. Looked at Advanced Settings -> Device Settings but don’t find BLF.


Busy lamp for what?

You do NOT need any commercial components for your BLF (or active buttons, for that matter) to work.

You DO need to know that they are usually responsive to the system generated hints. Start with understanding the hints and how they can be monitored in your specific phone, and you should get there pretty quickly. It is literally as simple as setting the phone up to watch a hint.

I would like extensions b c and d to know when extension a is in use

Thank you - I will begin researching hints.