Busy Hold Option

I’d like to allow callers the option to hold after listening to the busy message in VM.

I’d thought perhaps a queue with only one ext. in static agents, but I’m not sure how to get the callers into the queue.

Ideally they’d also have the option once in the queue to leave a message if they get tired of waiting.

Any thoughts?


well it is still the dev trunk that is about to go beta. It is stable though. I’m about to make some changes which may create some bumps in the road wrt to installing it but should have no effect otherwise on its stability once installed. And as soon as the beta roles out and I get feedback, any bumps should get ironed out. (And if I get lucky - there won’t be any/too many bumps).

If you grab it now though - you’ll get it before I put those bumps in.

install 2.3 and take a look at VmX Locator. Here’s an old article on VmX Locator that I wrote some time ago, it gives you the idea and you can use your imagination of how to route the call if they don’t want to hold.

VmX sounds like what I’m looking for. Is 2.3 stable?