'Busy Here' call clearing instead of SIP response code

Could somebody advise if the below is even possible at all:

CHAN_SIP extension to another extension that is in DND it shows a message ‘Busy Here’
PJSIP extension to another extension in DND, I get Q.850;cause=17.

I understand this is cause codes build into the PJSIP driver, however is there any easy way to change PJSIP extensions so that a ‘Busy Here’ message is displayed instead of the SIP response code?

I want to continue using PJSIP for all my extensions, however I want the CHAN_SIP cause codes that is clearer for the end user to see why the other extension is not available.

Does anyone know if this is possible at all? From my understanding the only way to get the ‘Busy Here’ message upon dialling a busy extension would be to use chan_sip as the sip driver for all of my extensions.

There was a thread about changing this a couple of months ago. I recall that the PJ-SIP response is very different than the Chan-SIP response - like the headers are completely different. I don’t remember if there was a solution that would make your application work.

From a purely Asterisk perspective they should be the same and things should behave the same, but we ultimately rely on being told to do things. I’m not sure in FreePBX where that happens or what it does and why it would be different between chan_sip and chan_pjsip.

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