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I am trying to set up a new trunk from BulkVS. Pricing seems great . Anyone can send me a copy of their trunk settings(without username/password obviously) so I can see what I am doing wrong ??
Thank you
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I dunno, use their instructions?

IP based pjsip trunk, no auth required. and done.

They have proper SRV records setup, so, you do not even need to add things to the match/permit on the advanced tab.

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As @sorvani suggested - use pjsip and not chan_sip - it will make your life easier with this setup. Since they send you traffic from multiple IP’s pjsip does SRV matching and chan_sip does not.

Also, the newer firewall module will ensure that their IP’s don’t get blocked by firewall. Make sure you upgrade to the latest version (I think the SRV fix is out of edge already).


ok so you are speaking to someone who has been running a freepbx for a year but is still quite a newbie at this kind of stuff.
We wanted to switch to bulk as their pricing is great but they don’t seem to hook up in a way that I’ve seen before using voip.ms or plivo.
Where do i put in my userid/password so they know who I am . We are not big enough to have a static IP and are using Comcast which means that our IP could change.(I do have a dyn static address (not IP just an xxx.com)which I forward to the current IP but I am not sure if that will work for what we need here.
I tried calling bulkVs and left a message for someone to get back to me.
Any help Greatly Appreciated


login into


Interconnection => interconnection instructions -> Registration

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