Bulkimport cli - overwrite?

working on a project for my church. running freepbx for years - fantastic product and huge moneysaver. I have a need to reset passwords for extensions via cli, i thought bulkimport would be a good fit in batch to ‘recycle’ some extensions for reuse by new endpoints. Is there an option to overwrite existing extensions w/ bulk or not? if not, is there a simple password reset for an extension via cli that I havent found??
Thank you!

So figured I’d post back my method - not sure if it’s a recommended way but it was a hack that appears to work. I am just cycling thru and updating the ‘secret’ in the sip table in asterisk - then I 'fwconsole reload’
Hope this helps someone

Hello @robinsonjas,

It is one of the methods to do that. If you want to keep using the bulk import module for updating your extensions, you can use it to delete the required extensions first and then create them back with the desired settings (new password, new name, followme updates etc.).

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Daniel Friedman
Trixton LTD.