Bulk Upload mobile numbers to blacklist module

Hi Experts,
Can you please advise me how to upload 10000 numbers into blacklist module?

Need your speedy advise.
Thanks in advance

No there is no way to do this.

Then, in that case, suggest me how I could achieve this (Blacklist or whitelist of certain numbers. The total number of phone numbers is 3,000,000)
Please advise.
Thanks in advance

Call processing would be seriously impacted if not rendered useless with that many entries, it’s just not designed to do that.

I would simply hand code a custom extension (put it in /etc/asterisk/extensions_custom.conf)that provides the treatment you want for these numbers (Asterisk code provides for regular expression support)then use the goto extension to transfer the call to the “from-trunk” context, where FreePBX looks for outside calls.

Once you complete your little code fragment simply change the context of your trunk to the context of your custom code.

Thanks SkyKingOH,
I understand your idea. But dont know how to execute it, as am new to this PBX Administration,. Please help me by providing the necessary help.

You need to learn Asterisk programming or hire someone that does.

It’s a two hour job for someone who knows what they are doing.

Bulk upload and export of blacklist entries is worthy of a feature request. I envision it working identically to the phone book module.

Any how we resolved our issue with the help of MySQL instead of ASTDB, because we don’t upload bulk records, to ASTDB.
So am closing this thread.