Bulk import allowed invalid double quote character

I was tinkering with outbound CID settings, and ran into this. I made a bunch of updates to extensions. Including clarifying the extension CID for a few users. I did it within LibreOffice and did not notice that it screwed the double quotes over.

“Jared Busch” instead of "Jared Busch"

I found it when I went to change a follow me setting and I hit submit.

Is this something that BI should normally catch? Or something to just blame on the user (me in this case).

As a side note, that also caused Twilio to reject the call.

I guess it’s rather a feature request.

I was mostly wondering if that is something that needs caught in BI since Extensions Module doens’t like it.

But I have never looked into how much “checking” BI does. So I have no idea if this should be a bug report or feature request, or ignored.

Ignoring? No. A feature request would definitely help.

Can I tell you as a developer writing code how much I HATE those types of quotes. I would say file a bug report. File it against core. The data is handled at the module level. It just needs to filter input.

good old 7bit ascii is always the safe place to go with sip (and with libreoffice)

issue created: https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-21060

$text = iconv($from_enc, ‘US-ASCII//TRANSLIT’, $text);

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