Bulk handler

export of trunks using bulk handler results in an empty 1kb csv file.
Does anyone know whether or not this might run better via cli?

A quick test on a FreePBX 16 / Asterisk 18 system shows that only the pjsip trunks get exported (chan_sip and custom did not appear). AFAIK there is no command line export.

Bulk handler is 16.0.16 with nothing newer in edge. If you have pjsip trunks, your issue is different and perhaps an update will help. If you have chan_sip trunks, migrating to pjsip is a likely workaround, or you could report a bug.

last hint from Lorne Graetz some time ago in this forum concerning this point was 16.0.16 (unstable at that time) might work. Meanwhile I have 16.0.16 bulk handler stable running. Maybe have to wait for 16.0.17?

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