Bulk Handler now supports PJSIP Trunks

The latest 16 version of the Bulk Handler module supports importing and exporting PJSIP trunk confing via csv files. Anyone who wants to give it a try can upgrade the following modules from the edge repo

Core v16.0.66
Bulkhandler v16.0.16

I envision this could be useful for sharing config between users here on the forum for the various providers, just be sure to strip out any account specifics before you do so.

Any issues please open a ticket https://issues.freepbx.org/


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Dear Lorne,
I would like to give it a try.
But I don’t think I can, running:
PBX Version: 15.0.24
PBX Distro:12.7.8-2203-2.sng7
Asterisk Version: 16.25.0 and
BuldHandler: 15.0.4
Is there a need to upgrad PBX Version from 15 to 16?

This features is supported on 16+.

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