Bulk Handler - Nothing to import - special character support import routine?

Spent some hours to create an contact import file via Bulk Handler…

While importing I got the message “nothing to import”. Analysis showed that the issue was being caused by a special character which is quite familiar in some languages. (é)

After changing this single character in the import file I was able to successfully import my list. It seems that special characters are currently not supported, which is not an issue if known. But maybe it is an idea to validate on that and give a clear reason why this can’t be imported. It would be even better, if it was supported in a future, but I can imaging that this a bit too much :wink:

P.s: export with UTF-8 is also eliminating this issue but it depends on the source if someone can select that

I would file a ticket at https://issues.freepbx.org As mentioned this should be simple to reproduce and fix.

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