Bulk Handler in FreePBX 13 (10.13.66-21 )

Bulk Handler documentation does not say anything about an action column with add,delete or edit. This used to be required in Bulk Extensions. It appears NOT to be the case with Bulk Handler. It ignores “delete” and happily completes but does nothing.

Do I still need to use Bulk Extensions to modify/delete extensions?

Also, when I export an extensions CSV the column name next to the extensions column is “password” – the instructions in the GUI say “secret.” There is a “secret” column about 35 columns over in the export CSV, both “secret” and “password” are empty.

My guess is that “secret” is for the extension as it is the common nomenclature. But what is “password” for? Voicemail is voicemail_vmpwd and populates n the export file.

(I just did an import with a VERY secure “password” but no “secret” so I’m not sure what I changed.)

No you can delete extensions by going and viewing extensions in the extensions page. You can edit/modify in bulk handler by checking the box in bulk handler to allow modification during verification.

Thanks, Andrew.

That’s a little cumbersome with 500 extensions. Can I still use Bulk Extensions to delete?

So I DO NOT add an “action” column?

What about the secret/password? What did I just update with “password”?

Im lost here how is that cumbersome? No you can not use bulk extensions to delete them, using bulk extensions will and could mess your system up. Go to the extensions page. They will be in a list. Check each one or ALL of them or search by and select all then click the single delete. Is this cumbersome?

There is no such column

You updated the user password for user and device mode but it doesnt matter if you set that as it’s ignored.