Bulk Handler import issue

FreePBX version:
current system version: 12.7.8-2104-1.sng7
Asterisk version: 18.3.0

Whenever I try to bulk import extensions, i receive following error and unable to import csv:
[freepbx.INFO]: NOTICE] (/var/www/html/admin/modules/sysadmin/functions.inc/general.php:255) - Undefined index: deploy_type [] []

In case you are wondering if I have the template wrong, I created two extensions manually, exported csv via bulk handler, and then tried importing the same file. Same issue.

Looks like a sysadmin bug it is hooking in and trying to process something without sanity checks

Are you going between 2 different versions of FreePBX?
The other possibility is that maybe Asterisk 18 is not yet fully supported?

The version of Asterisk doesnt have a bearing on modules being backed up or restored. And FreePBX has Asterisk 18 support, it is one of the options you can use in the asterisk-version-switch.

Same problem here.

FreePBX Distro v12.7.8-2104-1.sng7
FreePBX Framework version
Asterisk v16.17.0
Sysadmin module version

Is the source for this module available, is there some other place where we can ask about it?

Sysadmin is a commercial module band is close source. You either need to open a ticket at https://support.sangoma.com or open a bug report.

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FWIW, I did a bunch of bulk imports(dids, extensions, usermananger, endpoints) a month or so ago with no problems on a couple of my PBX:

  • FPBX framework
  • Asterisk 16.16.2
  • Sysadmin module (pro) version
  • OS: Sangoma Linux release 7.8.2003

I’m using the image provided by TheWebMachine on AWS Marketplace. Mentioning it in case OP uses the same thing, it might be a problem particular to them.

Installed a new instance, didn’t upgrade, same issue. Versions are:
FreePBX Distro v12.7.8-2012-1.sng7
FreePBX Framework version
Asterisk v16.16.2
Sysadmin module

I did ask them for help too, didn’t receive an answer yet.

We use the same exact code base and module repos as the main Distro, so this isn’t likely isolated to AWS FreePBX. Nonetheless, we’ll begin attempting to replicate this in our lab to see if we can reliably reproduce and/or glean some addition debug.

As @jfinstrom mentioned, SysAdmin is closed source, so a proper bug report will almost certainly be needed to get this addressed.

@ravenkane, what version is your SysAdmin module? Have you submitted a bug report or a Sangoma support ticket on this yet?

Works for me? Have you made sure your system is up to date?


It’s up to date, I double checked. It also happens on slightly older version, before updating.

To reproduce I install a new EC2 instance using TWM’s image in AWS, then, first thing, before even upgrading (upgrade doesn’t make a difference) add a SIP extension (not PJSIP, I don’t know if it matters), go to Bulk Handler, export the extension, import the extension. That’s it. New machine -> add extension -> export -> import.

A bug has been open by @ravenkane, https://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-22526. It has been set to minor priority. This is a major issue for us as it’s blocking production. Our current install has issues and we need to import extensions to set up a new one. Is there another way to do the import that wouldn’t trip over Sysadmin module?

The missing info is deploy_type which I am guessing is the deployment type (makes sense)

I believe it would pull this from /etc/sangoma/brand or a similarly named file. I am not in front of a computer currently. I would say make sure the deployment you are pulling from is activated so it has a license and brand file. If you aren’t using commercial modules you could just disable sysadmin.

Issue is marked as resolved in sysadmin ver. which can be installed from the edge repo with

fwconsole ma upgrade sysadmin --edge

Thanks, Lorne!

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