Bulk handler import contacts

on version13.0.23 stable the bulk handler does no more validate the uploaded .csv-file (contacts.csv)
The content is shown on screen, buttons update/… are available, but validation is not starting, therefore import can not start ("nothing to import from .
Tested on 3 different systems with firefox and google-chrome. Same result- nothing happens.

Is there a alternative way to validate and import a new - substituting - csv-file with contacts via CLI??


looks dangerous. I have about 5800 contacts and do not want to crash the various database tables in contactmanager. Since the import-file (contacts-new.csv) is made quite manually via MS-access queries from other systems, matching and ms-access export to txt-file, I would like to test the file before uploading any trash. Will the old entries be deleted? Should I test on an test-system first?

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