Bulk Handler - Find Me Follow Me (Solved)

When I utilize the Bulk Handler for Extensions, regardless of putting a yes or no into the FindMeFollowMe Enabled field it will be on Yes when the extensions are input. Any ideas here?

Seems to me FMFM in Bulk Handler is “1” or “0”. Since “Y” and “N” are not “0”, it makes it “1”.

I ran some further tests. Either blank or 0 will disable FMFM

I don’t remember if @jfinstrom was going to try to do something about that, but it might be worthwhile to submit a ticket at “Issues” (above) after he joins the conversation. There may already be a ticket on this - I don’t know.

If you submit a ticket, PLEASE be sure to give him some feedback on a solution that you would find acceptable. For example, if the import should fail on anything but ‘1’ or ‘0’, tell him that. If a note on the form somewhere would suffice, tell him that. If you think “Y” and “N” (or actually, just “N”) should be accepted, then tell him that.

The program should accept whatever the bulk CSV dump produces, so making sure that the dumper uses “1” or “0” might be enough.

Sounds good. I’ll wait until he chimes in to submit an issue. It is interesting that if you export the extension, even the extensions with FMFM disabled, present a yes in the findmefollow_enabled column. Furthermore if you import extensions and leave the FMFM field blank as instructed when you look at your extension list the FMFM box is not checked which is great. But when you actually go into the extension itself FMFM is Enabled. Very odd

Be sure to include that (and the “how to replicate”) in your ticket if you submit one, or in the comments if you join a conversation in progress.