Bulk Handler dest with commas

I’ve changed Optional Destinations for unavailable, busy and no answer, but how do I import them in bulk handler?

Output from export is “app-blackhole,busy,1” but doesn’t seem to work if I import it back.

Dont know if this ever got fixed.

It would be worth submitting a bug report to get it there.



See my reply to your ticket. Because you are uploading the data in the same format right? Your changes are in the format of "app-blackhole,hangup,1" and not app-blackhole,hangup,1 because the comma (,) is the delimiter of the data. If you have a data field with comma’s in it and it’s not quoted, then app-blackhole,hangup,1 becomes 3 values app-blackhole hangup 1 which will result in your data fields being the wrong count and not matching header fields.

I have an extension with noanswer_dest busy_dest and chanunavail_dest set as “app-blackhole,busy,1”,“app-blackhole,busy,1”,“app-blackhole,busy,1”, what I did is find 0,default that is the part ringtimer,noanswer,recording,outboundcid,sipname,noanswer_cid,busy_cid,chanunavail_cid,noanswer_dest,busy_dest,chanunavail_dest,mohclass and replate it with 0,“app-blackhole,busy,1”,“app-blackhole,busy,1”,“app-blackhole,busy,1”,default so I don’t mess up commas, but I get Header row and data row count do not match, I don’t know what’s wrong.

Answered to the ticket with csv

I replied there. Your CSV is a complete mess and formatted wrong which is the cause of your issues.

For future reference this uses fgetscsv with the defaults.

So , to separate, \ to escape, and "string" to enclose

So in your strings you would escape a comma \, or escape a backslash \\ or alternatively enclose them "Why, did I add they\them with a slash"

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