Bulk/Global DPMA Configuration

We’re in the process of updating our old Cisco 7940/FreePBX install to the latest distro and Digium D60 phones.

We’ll be replacing upwards of 100 phones. We’ve purchased 4 D60s to try things out.

Things are working well, but there has GOT to be a way to bulk edit or set global options for all phones. I DO NOT want to hand edit through the GUI each and every one of 100 phones (in two places: Extensions/Other and Connectivity/Digium Phones)!

In particular, all phones would have the same digit map, logo, timezone, firmware. Somebody please tell me there’s a way to globally specify these things. Hopefully I’m missing something.


Never touched these phones, are they not configurable via EPM?

Have you read this wiki yet? It looks like this has all the info you are looking for.


Yes, I’ve read it. The wiki has lots of info on FreePBX and DPMA - if you want to configure one phone at a time.

Dunno about EPM - I’m using DPMA because it’s supposed the Digium recommended method of configuration. I may have to look into EPM instead.

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Perhaps you need to talk to the Digium folks about it. The FreePBX solution for this is one of the two EPM system (commercial and open source).

EPM is definitely the way to go.

Returned Digium phones and purchased 100 Sangoma phones.