BULK extensions problems with pjsip stack

I’m trying to switch to PJSIP stack for allowing multiple devices of the same user (typically PC client + smartphone client) to register to the same SIP account. When adding a user via the GUI then it is working fine, but when inserting users via BULK EXTENSIONS input, based on my earlier CHAN_SIP based CSV file layout, then they do not become visible when typing “pjsip show endpoints”. The SIP registration fails (no endpoint) and all extensions remain dead. But surprise : after opening each extension in the EXTENSION module - without changing anything - and then pressing SUBMIT and APPLY they do become active ?!?! But after the next BULK INPUT you get the same problem again.

I did not find any reference of PJSIP in the BULK EXTENSIONS module description (http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/F2/Bulk+Extensions+Module+User+Guide), but I guess that several parameters - especially device info parameters - may be different/obsolete/missing for PJSIP compared to CHAN_SIP.

Has anyone a clear view on this issue - or should I have to go through the hard way by comparing between uploaded PJSIP and CHAN_SIP BULK EXTENSIONS to find this out ?

I don’t believe I’m the first one running into this issue, and there is no info about this in the BULK extensions module documention, so that’s why I decided to put this in the forum…

I did some more checks and noticed that many of the devinfo-settings, like canreinvite, qualify,… are not appearing when adding a pjsip extension via the GUI. So when uploading newly created pjsip extensions as BULK EXTENSIONS, these settings appear empty in the CSV file.

So my initial idea that some of my earlier CHAN_SIP based settings in my BULK CSV file would have created the problem does not appear to be true.

In fact even newly created extensions (from scratch) via the GUI will stop functioning when you do a BULK EXTENSIONS UPLOAD , followed by a DOWNLOAD of the same unmodified CSV file.

I see BULK input as the only valid way to intially populate and maintain a mid-size (upto 200 users) FreePBX system in a consistant and efficient way, but it looks like BULK CSV input has not been adapted and tested for the pjsip stack.

I did not get any response regarding this topic - although anyone using “bulk extensions” in combination with pjsip must have this issue . In my opinion this is a major blocking point for rolling out and supporting FreePBX 12.0.19 (or higher) using pjsip stack.

P.S. pjsip is the only way for having multiple devices (e.g. PC client, tablet and smartphone) under a single SIP account allowing transpararent subscriptions (like message waiting). This is also the way that BRIA Counterpath expects a user with multiple devices being provisioned.

Hi there,

I have the same issue when I try to import PJSIP extensions using the BULK module.

Did you find any solution/workaround for this problem?