Bulk Extensions And BLF

Hi Everyone,

I have uploaded more then 100 extensions using bulk extensions.
the extensions can register without any issue, but for some reason the BLF is not working.
i have deleted one extensions and tested and it is working.
is there something that i am missing? miss-configured something?
Any help will be appreciated. thank you

I forgot to mention
i am using freepbx with asterisk 11.18.0 fresh install

29 viewers and not even 1 respons thanks guys.

Anyway i upgraded to FP 13 still didnt work so i had to recreate all 100 something extensions.
now it is working

Did you recreate them with the import, or manually one by one?
Could be an issue with the imported perhaps not creating the hints, but from what I remember, the Bulk Extension module is deprecated and Bulk Handler is the preferred module, possibly for that reason.

Now that you’re on a current version, you could try importing a few extensions using Bulk Handler and see if you get the behaviour you expect?

must be something unique …
i’ve personally used it in very recent history to set up about 1k extensions - didnt run into that issue

“core show hints” from the asterisk CLI should tell the story

id be interested to see the results from any testing with 13

Upgrade Asterisk to current and retest.