Bulk Edit Extensions Best Practice?

We have recently finished a large construction project at my school district which included a large expansion to our high school. Because of this, we decided to go ahead and re-number all the rooms in the building and therefor I am needing to update all of the extensions for the building. What’s the best practice to accomplish this? Is it possible to just update everyone’s extension to the new number without having to create a new extension and update everyone’s phone? Is this something that can be easily done with the Bulk Handler?


You cannot change existing extensions numbers to new numbers, but you can change just about everything else. Bulk handler is a very efficient way to do this in a spread sheet (building new extensions).

I figured that was the case based off of my Googling. Can I use the Bulk Handler to change the extensions associated with the phones at least? After I create the new extensions?

Yes. If you feel like getting more automated, there is also a GraphQL.
Core Module GraphQL APIs - PBX GUI - Documentation (freepbx.org)

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