Bug: Zulu Android Mobile App

Device: Pixel 4 XL
OS: Android 10, build QQ2A.200305.003
Lastest app version from Google Play store

Sign-in / Add Account is not saved. When an account is added, it functions fine. When the app is closed, reopened - it asks to add an account again.

I notice that the app’s background activity still occurs as it shows the latest message if I were to long-pause click on the app.

Troubleshoot Steps Taken
Cleared storage and cache from the app. After that didn’t work, I uninstalled the app and reinstalled. It still persisted.

I then did both steps, restart first before the reinstall. Same issue.

I checked with another user that had Android but was on a Samsung Galaxy device instead - the user initially did not have the same issue; however, a day later - is now reporting of the same problem.

Hello @wkeit

This will be fixed on our next release of the app, if you want to try the beta (that already contains this fix) go to Android Market -> Search Zulu -> Join Beta.


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Thanks, Angel. I’ll try out the beta and let you guys know if I find anything else. I appreciate the responses.

The beta did not fix the issue. If i add account, get fully connected and then close out of it - come back in, it is displaying Add Account window again. I already went ahead and cleared storage/cache. Same issue.

Hello @wkeit,

Good to know, I will report it and they might be releasing a new beta soon.

I’ll keep you posted.

Hey @wkeit

Talked to the team, and a future release will include that fix (soon enough), but I will let you know here.


I wanted to update this thread as I’ve discovered a new bug that may be related to this issue as well.

Initially my Pixel 4 asked if i wanted to let Zulu UC to access contacts and additional calling accounts and I selected “no” because it was making my “visual voicemail” in the Android app keep disappearing. This function let’s me use presence and chat but prevented Zulu VOIP functionality. The issue persisted in the 1.0.9 beta.

I’ve just now reinstalled and selected the allow contacts and activated the additional calling accounts, enabling Zulu to make calls. I’ve noticed that it no longer has me re-entering login information; however, I’ve now lost my visual voicemail options every time I try to re-activate it from within the Phone App’s menu/settings.

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